Vehicle Revenue License

Documents need

    Vehicle registration certificate
    Valid insurance certificate
    Finally taken revenue license
    Valid Emission test report  
    Valid quality surveying report
    Passenger transportation license (for Omini Bus )
    If an unused vehicle, the unused certificate

You can get the revenue certificate by doing required payments with above documents.

Consider about,

    you have to pay a fine if the prior license is expired.
    License issues on 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. during weekdays.

Business Name Registration

Registration of single or joint business names
Required Qualifications
• To legalize a business that is operating in the division.
• Achieving the required qualifications in the case of a technical foundation

Required Documents

  1. Application (Click the application)
  2. Report from GS

    Documents to prove the Eligibility:
    • Report of the health medical officer (food business)
    • Environmental Officer Report (For Environmental Influenced Business)
    • Pharmaceutical certificate (for pharmaceutical business)
    • Documents in support of educational qualifications for educational institutions
    • Special permission for the Tea Board, Rubber Development Department, Excise Commissioner, Department of Defense etc. for business purposes
    • A copy of the deed, tax deed, permit letter to confirm the place of ownership

Timber Transport Permits

Required Documents

1. Request from the Divisional Secretary (Letter of Request)

2. Cutting down of the felling tree

3. The purpose of timber transport is to approve the approved housing scheme

4. The receipt certified by the relevant Grama Niladhari to purchase the timber purchased

5. Wednesday, every week, is allocated for transportation

6. Make transport applications to wednesday on Mondays up to Monday

7. To submit your duly filled application, you will expedite your work

Tree Cutting Permits

Procedure to Apply

  • Requesting letter
  • Completed application with GN recommendation
  • The deed of the timber felling timber certified by the Grama Niladari
  • If the land is a joint land, the affidavit of the affirmative affirmation of the partners
  • Cutting wood is an approved housing scheme for building a house of his or his own child 
  • The timber is felled according to the relevant medical reports if the sale is necessary for obtaining medical treatment 
  •  If a piece of wood is cut by a court order, it is a copy of it
  •  Appropriate letters should be mentioned if any tree ordered by any other administrative institution  
  • Letters Receivable from Institutions if Danger to Cord or Telephone Cord


    The completed application form should be handover to  divisional secretariat

Permit to close Business

      Your text...

Permission for Soil Cutting

(Only 35 soil cubes)

Documents required

1. The relevant application should be certified by the Grama Niladari
2. Requesting letter
3. Letter of agreement of the owners of the soil
4. A detailed GS report
5. Copy of deed of the land where the soil is to be cut
6. If you need to fill the foundation of the house, the photocopy of the approved plan of the house

• The above documents should be filed and forwarded to the Divisional Secretary
• Obtaining a report on the land by assistant Divisional Secretary / Environmental Officer
• Submission of the report to the divisional secretary
• Levying the due amount once the Divisional Secretary receives the approval
• The license to transport and transport soil should be signed by the divisional secretary / assistant Divisional secretary.
• The mowing and transporting of sand mines is allowed only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

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