1. Recommendation for assistance from the President's Fund
2. Paying public assistance
3. Admission to an elderly home
4. Provide Elders Identity Cards
5. Providing equipments for persons with disabilities
6. Rehabilitation of disabled persons
7. Provision of self employment assistance for disable and public subsidies
8. Housing Aid for the disabled
9. Payment of medical aid
10. Registration of voluntary and social service organizations
11. Recommendation of scholarship applications
12. Recruitment of Social Security Board Pension and Social Security Benefit Schemes
13. Provide long-term drugs or travel to medical clinics or medical assistance


Recommendation to provide aids from Presidential Fund

Providing financial assistance for one person who has a special illness

Required Qualifications
• Being a patient recommended by a doctor by a medical officer
• That is the economic level which can not be afforded

Required Documents
1. Copy of the application form and copy of the application sent by the Presidential office according to the request of the person
2. Recommendation of Grama Niladhari


Public Assistant & Disease Assistant

Public Assistant Monthly Allowance

Providing dependent allowance for families requiring low income and special concessions

Required Qualifications
• Monthly Income Rs. Less than 6,000
• Aging
• Physical and mental disorders
• Widows, abandoned by their master, women who are incurable and imprisoned
• Be orphaned and physically mentally disabled children under 16 years

Required Documents
1.  Request letter
2.  Medical reports for physically and mentally ill patients
3.  Recommendation from Grama Niladhari / Social Service Officer. (1) / (02) forms

Application for Public Assistant Monthly Allowance

Application for Special Occasions/Disabilities


Disease Assistant

For low income patients with a specific ailment

Required Qualifications
• Being a member of a low income family
• Tuberculosis, Cancer, Thalassemia, Leprosy and Kidney disease

Required Documents
• The request letter
• Medical certificate on relevant disease
• Application
• Grama Niladari report to prove low income and residency
• Expert medical certificate for kidney disease
• Recommendation of the Social Services Officer

Application for Disease Assistant(T.B/Leprosy/Canser/Thalisimiya/Kideny disease)

Admission to an Elderly Home


1. Providing security for elderly without anybody's safety
2. Required Qualifications
3.  Should be over 60 years of age
4. There must be no income to care for anyone to live without
5.  Infectious diseases or social illnesses should not be considered
6.  He should be capable of accomplishing his day-to-day activities.

Required Documents
1. Request letter
2.  Application form SS / H / 1A
3. Articles required to confirm the request
4. Recommendation of Grama Niladhari


Elders Identity Cards

Providing a special identity card intended for the welfare of elderly people

Required Qualifications
Should be a 60 years old person

Required Documents
1. Request letter
2. Application for Elders Identity Card
3. Stamp size (3cm x 3cm ) 2 color photos
4. A certified copy of Birth Date (Birth Certificate, National Identity Card)


Providing equipments for disabled persons

Provide equipments for low income disabled persons to minimize their disability (wheelchairs, hearing aids, eye contact lenses, calipers shoes, accredited nurses, crutches / cutters, artificial cues, white sticks, walkers, sticks, air mattresses, water mattresses)

Required Qualifications
Being a person of low income and disability

Required Documents

Provision of hearing instruments
1. The request letter
2. Disability report
3. Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
4. Medical reports

Providing wheel chairs
• Disability report
• Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
• It is recommended that you do not do it without commotion
• Medical reports received

Providing spectacles
• Disability report
• Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
• Eye examined medical report

Providing crutches / cutlery
• Disability report
• Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
• Medical report

Artificial hands / feet
• Disability report
• Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
• When applying an artificial leg, make a footnote to the non-disabled foot
• Medical report obtained

White crayons
• Disability report
• Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
• Medical report confirmed by blindness

Providing Caliphase Shoes
• Disability report
• Grama Niladari report to prove that an income person is below Rs 6000 / =
• A footnote to the non-disabled foot
• Medical report


Rehabilitation of Disaabled Persons

Establish socially disadvantaged children with no help and provide them with nutritional care, care and socialization

Required Qualifications
The disability has a direct effect on achieving its day to day functions

Required Documents
• Medical certificate to prove disability
• The request letter
• Application form
• Report from GS


Providing self employment assistant for disaster / public beneficiaries

Increasing the economic conditions of disable and public benefit recipients

Required Qualifications
• Being a Disable / Public Benefit / Widow
• Being able to do a job

Required Documents
1. Request letter
2. Medical report
3. Details of prices
4. Report from GS


Providing house aids for persons with disabilities

Provision of housing and infrastructure for the disabled

Required Qualifications
• Being a disabled person with no home
• Less monthly income of Rs. 6,000
• Ownership of land and possession of it at the Land Registrar's Office

Required Documents
1. Request letter
2. Medical certificates confirming the disability
3. Certified deed copy
4. Estimates certified by the Technical Officer
5. A letter stating the extra money in the estimate
6. The Survey Plan of the house certified by the Technical Officer
7. Reports of the Grama Niladhari / Social Service officer


Registration of voluntary and social service organization

Supervision of whether a voluntary organization is the registration and operation of the government
Required Qualifications

Fulfill the terms of the Voluntary Social Service Organizations Act
 Required Documents
1. The request letter
2. Recommendation of Grama Niladhari
3. Application
4. The Society has the constitution
5. Members list
6. The list of office bearers
7. Last year's budget report
8. The report of the Chief Minister and the list of attendance
9. Information on the bank account
10.Statement of Accountants with a Certificate of Accountancy


Recommendation of scholarship applications

Being fatherless as a fatherless child without father protection, providing facilities for the education of students of low income families.

Required Documents
1. Request letter
2. Disable report
3. Birth Certificate
4. Principal Certificate
5. Confirmation that the father's loss is lost


Recruitment of Social Security Boards to Pension & Social Security Benefits Programme

Enrollment for the "Surekuma" Scheme:

Base of Enrollment

Providing protection for those engaged in self employment or non-informal sector who are part of the national economy of the country

Required Qualifications
• Being an employed person or an informal sector between 18 to 59 years of age
• Should be a non-beneficiary under any other pension or social security scheme

Required Documents
• Application for the recruitment of pension proposal issued by Social Security Board
• Birth certificates

More Deatils

Application for "Surekuma" Enrollment

The enrollment of persons possessing the above prescribed qualifications will be Effected by the following officers and office.

    Grama niladhari
    Samurdhi Development Officer
    Divisional Secretariat
    Divisional Secretariat – SLSSB –District Office
    SSB Head Office
    Other Officers Authorized by SLSSB

Places of Enrollment

First contribution will be collected form such persons and enrolled by the enrollment Officer. The members can pay their contribution Through Following collection parties.

    Government Bank – BOC, Peoples Bank, NSB
    Post Office
    Authorized Gramaniladhari
    Divisional Secretariat
    SLSSB –District Office
    SLSSB Head Office


Provide long-term medication or travel to clinics

Provision of relief to poor families who can not afford to buy drugs without government hospitals and to go to the clinics.

Required Qualifications
• Being a pediatrician (a long term medicine) on medical certificate
• The lack of medicine in government hospitals
• Being a member of a low income family
• Attendance at outside clinics

Required Documents
• Completed form
• The report recommended by the doctor
• Report of Grama Niladari ,Samurdhi  Officer
• An estimate obtained from a government spas for the type of medicine
• Letter confirming expiration of the vehicle with the driver's NIC number for transport allowance

A program of providing nutrition allowance of Rs.20000 pregnant mothers

Comply with the application form from the Clinic center / Divisional Secretariat that you attend, confirm your residence from the Grama Niladhari of the permanently settled Grama Niladhari Division and recommendation from the Family Health Services Officer and the clinic in charge of the clinic in charge of the maternity clinic, before 3 months pregnancy. Early Childhood Development Officer of the Divisional Secretariat Hand over to the program implementing officer.

Application for an allowance of Rs.20000 for mothers

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